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is an innovative indicator combining ready (filtered) signals for deals opening and their analytical efficiency block which shows the best ratio of Take Profit and Stop Loss (available only in "Light" version). About "Simple" version.

The know-how of signals generation of the Atlantis2015 indicator is based on determination of patterns along with adaptive volatility of the price movement.

The current version of the Atlantis2015 indicator supports following instruments: EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, XAUUSD. Recommended timeframe is М15. The indicator also generates other additional signals on other time frames.

Generally, all indicators have nice looking signals in pictures, but when it comes to actual trading, it appears that their real efficiency cannot overlap their own losses. We tried to develop an indicator which could demonstrate its real potential not leading users up the garden.

Download (updated 29/06/2015)

Key Features

  • Signal Module: The indicator generates the most probably successful signals to open deals which do not require additional mandatory information. Due to better quality these signals are pretty rare as compared to ordinary indicators which signal about everything and anything.

  • Analytical Module (available only in "Light"/"Pro" versions):

Ability to perform an analytical efficiency analysis of generated signals for the stated years and ability to receive data concerning the best ratio of Take Profit and Stop Loss for the stated period of time.
Ability to perform an analytical analysis of the virtual trading results by the indicator signals using Take Profit and Stop Loss sizes which are set manually by a user.

  • Visualization module (available only in "Light"/"Pro" versions): Ability of visualization of an every deal result on a chart of the virtual trading terminal using the indicator signals for the stated years.

Description of the Main Indicator Settings

SignalType (0=All signals(Visual off) | 1=Type1 | 2=Type2 | 3=Type3) — different groups of signals.

Historyperiod (1=1 Year | 2=2 Years | 3=3 Years) – period of time (before the current date) for which the analysis is performed.

ModecalculateTP_SL (0=OFF | 1=MANUAL | 2=AUTO)
AUTO – apply automatic sizes of Take Profit and Stop Loss (the best ratio is calculated).
MANUAL – apply sizes of Take Profit and Stop Loss set manually by a user.

TP — manually set size of Take Profit (amount of adaptive average bars). One adaptive average bar = a sum of 100 preceding bars (current timeframe) / 100.

xSL — manually set size of Stop Loss (multiplier from the Take Profit value).
For example, if xSL = 0.5, then Stop Loss is always half the value of Take Profit.
For example, if xSL = 1.0, then Stop Loss is always equal to Take Profit.

if FixSpread = 0, then we use the current spread (at the time of analysis activation).
if FixSpread = 20, then manually set fixed spread value is equal to 20 pips.
*the indicator considers the spread in the process of analysis.

Virtualtradevisual =true/false – enable/disable visualization on the chart of the virtual trading terminal using the indicator signals displaying every deal result.


1. To provide the possibility of automatic analysis and visualization of virtual deals, you terminal should have the history of quotes for the years specified in Historyperiod parameter.

2. The indicator's signals are displayed as arrows on the whole period of the history available in the terminal. Minimum volume of the current history displayed on the current terminal chart is enough for displaying signals.

3. "Simple" and "Light" versions of the Atlantis2015 indicator displays the indicator signals on-line on the first bar.

Please note that the information displayed by the indicator as optimal levels of Take profit and Stop loss are only auxiliary, because experienced trader knows how to allow profit to grow (for example, you can use a variety of trawls and / or transfer order to breakeven during profit growth). Thus, an experienced trader always has a real opportunity to further improve the efficiency of trade while using signals of this indicator.

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