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Dear users, we are glad to introduce our free YPY MQ4 Code Protector online service for encryption and licensing a of source code in *.mq4 format

This service is based on the software complex YPY MQ4 Code Protector PRO

Any developer very well knows how much time and effort is spent on independent development of an efficient algorithm and he has an unconditional right to defend it.

We're sure, that many users faced these common situations:

1. Decompiling *.ex4 files to investigate the logic of work and/or to intruduce modifications. With the latest build of the MT4 terminal, this process has become more complicated, but nevertheless specialists experienced in breaking successfully analyze the content and make  unauthorized changes, including disabling trial protection and various bindings.

2. Trivial renaming of compiled files names, name of the manufacturer (#property copyright) for the purpose of issuing these files as different or "own" products.

We have developed a software system for the protection of the source code by it's dynamic encryption and flexible automatic licensing (limitation of usage time, account number, owner's name, name of a server, etc.). This protector helps source code developers and their customers to additionally protect their software (experts, indicators, scripts, etc.) in a compiled state form of unauthorized research, modification, renaming and resale.

This protection is implemented at the primary level of the source code by its dynamic encryption by algorithms developed by us without any additional libraries or external tools of protection against decompilation, i.e. the source code in the format *.mq4 is being converted itself.

The complex of built-in protection is activated during the compilation of the encrypted source code into the *.ex4 format, which makes the process of study and analysis of the compiled file extremely complicated, or even makes it impossible.

Anyone can test the protective encryption algorithm for free by sending any* source code in *.mq4 format to the email (see the details below)

Current features (beta version):

1. Dynamic Encryption of a source code with a unique proprietary algorithm

Example 1: This is the original source code before encryption (file attached)

Example 2: This is the source code after the dynamic encryption (file attached)

2. In order to further protect the owner of the code, complex protection information is automatically integrated into each encrypted source code  (the info is shown on the graph in the lower right corner).

What is displayed:

+ Information containing the ID of encryption of the source code (with which the owner can always personalize a specific instance of the product). This can be very convenient for example, the owner of the code can understand which specific instance of the product was illegally published or has been cracked.

+ Original file name ("original filename"), which was used when the owner of the source code performed the encryption. Any subsequent change of the original protected file name will lead to a damage of logic (only addition to original names is permitted for convenience). Thus, it would be very difficult for attackers to completely change the file name.

+ Name of the manufacturer (#property copyright). At the time of encrypting this data is read from the source and is stored in encrypted form. Thus, even if attackers will make changes to the compiled *.mq4 file, changing this property to another manufacturer, then the graph will continue to report the manufacturer specified by the original owner.

Any subsequent unauthorized modification of the information displayed on the graph leads to a damage of logic.

Example 3: This is how the informational block looks like

3. Automatically integrated system of a flexible licensing (limitation of usage time, account number, owner's name, trade name server, etc.)

4. The system of the originality check of any data encrypted by protector  allows any user to easily detect whether he is using the original product or fake.

We have developed a software product with a flexible and convenient built-in protected licensing system (limiting the time of usage, the account number, the name of the owner, to the trade server, etc.), which the user could use locally on his computer to protect his source, without transferring it to anyone.

Those developers who will actively cooperate with us by full and professional testing of our algorithm of the dynamic encryption will receive premium status of professional users with advanced features and extended limits of use.

It will be convenient and safe to share the source code into an encrypted form for developers who are constantly collaborating with customers by developing a variety of source codes.

Experience shows that even if you do not give the code to anyone and use it exclusively for your own needs on the VPS, it is much safer to use it in encrypted binded to your accounts.

How can you encrypt any* source code in the *.mq4 format?

At the moment it is being debugging and it is possible to make it by doing the following simple steps:

1. Send any email to the address

2. After receiving a reply with an activation code, respond to it (whith the activation code  preserved in the answer)

3. Then you will receive an email confirming that you can send to this address any* source code in the *.mq4 format for protecting encryption.

4. You send *.mq4 files and after a while you get an email with already encrypted source code (the ID number and «_protected» words are added to the name of the source code, which can be easily removed).

If you want to use automatically integrated licensing restrictions, than you should insert this settings block anywhere in your source code and set the desired values (see the example below).

//YPY_MQ4_Code_Protector_Name=David Jones;

These settings will be read and applied automatically during encryption.

As a result of encryption and licensing, an instance of the product which will work in accordance with the limits you set will be created.

You can use any of these settings, entering values ​​on your own.

In the case if any value is set to 0, then this limit is not used during licensing, the same if this setting is not mentioned in the code.

If user did not set any other value for the setting «//YPY_MQ4_Code_Protector_PermittedTradingMode», the default value "1" is used automatically (value "1"=Real, Demo, Tester; value "2"=Demo, Tester; value "3"=Only Tester)

All the files are processed automatically, we do not analyze or use the submitted files, except for their protective encryption, removing, debugging the technical compatibility of the encryption algorithm, initiated by the user in case if the encrypted source code contains errors or could not be encrypted. If you prefer not to send the source code by e-mail and/or just do not trust anyone, you can simply used a standalone software product YPY MQ4 Code Protector for self-protection of the source code locally on your computer.

* Any *.mq4 source code being sent must not be previously encrypted and must be able to be compiled into *.ex4 without warnings and errors. You must first check it out yourself.

If the source code is encrypted with errors or is not encrypted, but it was fully functional before encryption (you should check this out before) and you are sure that you did not make any changes, please notify us and report the following:
1. ID number of encryption.

2. What exactly does not works or works incorrectly.

3. Describe in details how to reproduce the error, attach screenshots if possible.

P.S. We do not have and do not plan to have a software solution for decoding the source code back to the original form. All requests to send previously sent original source code, including persons representing their owners will be ignored. So please, do not ask us to do it.

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