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Buy YPY EA Serena ELITE Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

YPY EA Serena ELITE is an innovative multi-currency trading robot for efficient management of large capital (above $25K), which uses about ten adaptive scalping strategies for each tool (at the virtual level) in a calm market and performs automatic trading with real Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

Only one order is used for trading each strategy, which ensures maximum safety of trading.

System not use any martingale/grid techniques. Different lot sizes of real orders are the aggregation results of virtual trading.

This EA is being constantly adjusted by the developer for short-term trading on the current market (over latest 36 trade months) through regular updates.

The "ELITE" version of the YPY EA Serena robot is installed only on one М15 EURUSD chart and automatically uses the following tools for multicurrency trading: AUDJPY, CHFJPY, EURAUD, EURGBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPJPY, USDCHF

For deposits less than $25K you can use the "PRO" version.
To get an idea about the product, each user can use the free "Basic" version

We pay particular attention to the maximum security and stability of trade during the development and testing. For this we necessarily integrate several independent levels of protection into each trading system to protect the deposit and ensure the most safe trade:

1. Protective real stop-loss and take-profit levels for all open real orders. As a rule, we try to use short levels of stop-loss (ten times less than the levels of take-profit)
2. Individual virtual levels of stop-loss and take-profit for all open virtual orders.
3. Forced automatic closing of positions and stopping trade in case of detection of abnormal dangerous movements of market prices.
4. Forced automatic closing of positions in case of exceeding the volatility limits that are acceptable for trading logic.
5. Automatic closing of virtual orders when a virtual strategy exceeds its maximum allowable drawdown. This works for each virtual strategy independently.
6. Automatic adaptive spread expansion control, which does not allow opening new orders under inadequate trading conditions.
7. Automatic activation of the "PauseTrade" mode if the actual size of the leverage is less than the allowable size.
8. Automatic activation of the "PauseTrade" mode in case of detection of margin level of less than acceptable size.
9. The ability for the user (if desired) to additionally manually limit the size of the maximum allowable total drawdown for open orders.

Key Features

  • Trading is fully automated.

  • Optimization is not required.

  • High operability, no needless setting.

  • Protective real StopLoss and TakeProfit levels

  • Additional protections against abnormal movements of the market price

Description of the Main Expert Advisor Settings

TradeMode = Trade/Pausetrade/Stoptrade
Trade –
trading mode
Pausetrade –
when this mode is enabled, the trading complex continues maintaining existing orders without looking for new entry points in order to progressively complete the trading on the account.
Stoptrade –
when this mode is enabled, the trading complex immediately completes the trading by closing all of its orders.

Closing the EA orders in any other way is prohibited, as well as the transfer of the EA to another terminal without the files it creates in the MQL4folder.

AutoMM - system for automatic calculation of lot size based on the free equity, taking the deposit currency into account.
- extreme risk
- high risk
- medium risk
- low risk
- minimum risk

The AutoMM system supports the following account currencies:
If quotes for the user's account currency are not available in the terminal, the currency is considered unknown and the AutoMM system will use a fixed rate 1USD=100 account currency units.

MinLeverage – the minimum leverage value required for opening new orders.
MinMarginLevel – the minimum account margin level in percents required for opening new orders.

BrokerTimeZone - each user can check this time zone directly with his broker. BrokerTimeZone parameter, which needs to be configured only once (this parameter does not need to change due to Daylight saving time)
The default setting (BrokerTimeZone=2) is suitable for most brokers who use the GMT+2 time offset in winter.

BrokerDST - each user needs to set the daylight saving time system used by the broker (USA or Europe)
Each user can find out this time, as well as the DST system directly from their broker.
FIFO - enable (ON) or disable (OFF) compliance with FIFO rules.
Magic - order magic number.
comment - order comment.


  • The user tests, determines the risks for every new version of the EA by himself. It is recommended to get acquainted with the expert operation in the strategy tester of the terminal and on a demo account.

  • It is recommended to always use the latest version. To update, it is sufficient to download the latest version of the EA and attach it to the chart instead of the older version. All previously opened orders will be maintained by the new version accordingly.

  • The expert must be attached separately to every chart of the traded instrument.

  • The product complies with FIFO.

  • Requirements for the trading conditions:

Any broker with account types ECN, MTF, DMA, NDD with market execution and thin spreads for the night market

Minimum leverage is 1:50. Recommended leverage is 1:200 or higher

Recommended deposit is $25k and above.
If you prefer a calm trading or if you are not familiar with the product, we recommend using AutoMM=Minimum

13 Year Back Test results (period 2004-2017)

Please click on the links below if you want to download an example (v.12.0) of a portfolio and test reports.

Results of backtests (modeling quality 99% with variable market spread) with fixed lot (AutoMM=Extreme, VirtualLot=fixed)


Portfolio YPY EA Serena ELITE v.12.0 fixedlot $100k (www.YPY.cc)

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